Cooperate with your inner physician

You cannot wish a tumor away. Unfortunately. However, a patient’s psychological condition and physical constitution play an important role in the fight against cancer.

Bei Krebs hört der Spass auf

When it comes to cancer, everything is serious.

We see it the same way, but we also know that every disease can be treated with greater success when the mind assists the body. That is the philosophy of our practice: To take the whole person on a journey into a healthy future.

“I am a seeker. I am always searching for the right, the most successful approach for my patients. That is what drives me, every day. My experience as a physician, and my hope as a human.”

Recovery is teamwork.

That’s why we work as a team for your health. We are at your side during every step of your therapy, can offer an excellent network of therapy partners, and will be pleased to engage your friends and family to assist with your speedy recovery.

Sometimes patients who have been diagnosed with cancer need a mediator to prevent voicelessness. And loneliness, feeling left alone with the disease and in your social environment. Frequently it is simply the fear of taking the first step, to ask, and to be confronted. That creates additional stress, and stress means weakness, for your immune system and your mental power of resistance. We engage families and partners specifically and directly from the start of therapy. That makes handling the disease easier and facilitates conversations.

Be. There.

You spend time with us. We want to make that time as comfortable as possible for you. It is your time, which we want you to experience consciously and actively to become healthy. Consider our medical practice your temporary home. Feel at home. Safe and arrived. We will do everything we can to make sure you are as relaxed as possible for your therapies. To make medicine, heat and nature as effective as possible.

We make you strong.

The more you know, the better you can decide what is good for you. We welcome every question you have. We see ourselves as physicians and coaches. Whether your concerns are about nutrition, exercise, sexuality or therapeutic interventions. Talk to us. You decide how important things are.

„I love my work. It is part of my personality.“

„How are you?“

We will not leave you alone - even when you have to be in the hospital or consult other specialists. We cooperate with hospitals and maintain a broad network of competent medical experts. No matter where we refer you, we will not lose sight of you. We design and carefully accompany every step in your therapy plan to make sure all relevant facts, data and values are in a single file. That has many benefits. Nothing is ignored. There are no problematic conflicts in treatment. Therapy can be planned as stringent and constructive as possible. That’s why we will occasionally call and simply ask: “Hello, how are you?”

Talking matters.

You can talk to our experienced therapists and psycho-oncologists at any time. In urgent cases or as a therapy-supporting measure. Fear and helplessness are feelings commonly encountered with serious illnesses. To give you the means to escape from perceived helplessness, to activate your self-healing powers, and to defend yourself are therapeutic goals.