A team approach for your health.

Bei Krebs hört der Spass auf

„There is always a way..."

...but it isn’t the same for everyone. Let us help you find your way.“

The philosophy of Dr. Sahinbas is to look closely and to always stay focused on the whole person and his or her life. Health depends on many factors. Sometimes a doctor has to make minute adjustments to initiate a recovery process.

A story from the old country.

Dr. Sahinbas is a proud European. He studied medicine in Germany and spent his childhood in Anatolia. Far away from hospitals and modern medical practice, he developed the desire to help people and to become a doctor, to the astonishment and surprise of his entire family.

Although this desire manifested at an early time, Dr. Sahinbas had to come a long way. After graduating from high school in Germany, he studied medicine in Antwerp and Aachen, and he was one of the first students who enrolled at Witten/Herdecke University.

Today, Dr. Sahinbas is an award-winning specialist for radiology and radiation therapy, who was recognized with the FOCUS award in 2019.

Eine Gesichte aus der alten Heimat.
Bei Krebs hört der Spass auf

Give me the power to create fever

...and I can heal any disease. Dr. Sahinbas followed this insight of the Greek researcher Parmenides, starting with his doctoral thesis, which focused on the importance of hyperthermia in modern medicine.

In addition to his work as the chief physician in the Clinic for Radiation Therapy and Radio-Oncology in a Bochum university hospital, Dr. Sahinbas opened his own medical practice for Hyperthermia and supportive care in 2009.

As an international expert for Hyperthermia, radiation therapy and biological cancer therapy, he directs the Training Center for Hyperthermia and Complementary Medicine and also serves as the president of the German Society for Hyperthermia (DGHT).

Das Team.

Dr Hüseyin Sahinbas
Senior physician

Bengisu Güvercinci


Diana Sahinbas
Patient care and business management

Cansu Genis
Patient care and health services coordination

Martin Rösch
Psycho-oncologist and mental coach

Atalay Sahinbas
Office management


Competence networks.

Pooled medical expertise and scientific networks help to find the right approach for our patients.

Bodies to discuss cases and search for solutions include the German Society for Hyperthermia as well as the interdisciplinary Quality Circle for Tumor Patients, a specialized working group for peritoneal carcinomatosis and many interdisciplinary tumor conferences.

The close cooperation with Bochum University and Charité Berlin enables continuous scientific exploration, mainly in the field of hyperthermia.

Finding your way to us.

No matter where you come from, you will be in good hands with us. Our Hospitality Service

  • arranges accommodations for you and your travel companions,
  • schedules additional medical examinations and
  • helps with any questions you may have.

If necessary, we are there for you around the clock. Just give us a call and we will clarify everything in a personal conversation.